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welcome to the hurricane bucket

The 'HURRICANE BUCKET' is filled with 30 pounds of food items to last one adult for over 1 month. It is packed to last 25 years or more when stored in a cool dry place.

 The 'HURRICANE BUCKET' is our economy food storage solution. It contains:

100 servings of rice
62 servings of beans
30 servings of oatmeal
43 servings of potato flakes
32 servings of spaghetti
1 box of Morton Salt

That's 267 servings contained in every bucket. Click here for more info.

more food for your money

This kit also contains a pamphlet with basic survival tips to make your disaster experience more comfortable. All the food contained in it is dried, so refrigeration is not necessary. Keep in a cool dry place and the shelf life should be 25 years or more. Our food buckets are meant to be one part of your preparedness plan. Click the 'Food Ideas' for suggestions on developing a plan that works for your situation. The contents of the Hurricane Bucket are vacuum packed in a sealed Mylar liner and the bucket sealed to preserve the contents for years. Purchase several to make sure your friends and family are covered when needed.  Click this link for more information or the 'purchase' link to go to our secure shopping site and make a purchase today. Major credit cards accepted.


The 'ARMAGEDDON BUCKET' is our deluxe food storage option. It is filled with the same food  items as the hurricane bucket, with some extras for even longer term outages. It has a starter seed pack to plant your victory garden. In it is also Fishing hooks and line, matches, and even a deck of cards.  It also comes with a more comprehensive instruction pamphlet on foraging, gardening and water locating and purifying. Follow this link for more information or this link to purchase your starter bucket.


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